The Inventor Toolmaker: Extending Open Inventor, Release 2

Posted by Marwan Abd Ellah on Saturday, March 31, 2012 Under: Scene Graph-Based Computer Graphics
Silicon Graphics, Inc., has developed two important software standards for graphics programmers. OpenGL is a powerful software interface for graphics hardware that allows graphics programmers to produce high-quality color images of 3D objects. The functions in the OpenGL library enable programmers to build geometric models, view models interactively in 3D space, control color and lighting, manipulate pixels, and perform such tasks as alpha blending, anti-aliasing, creating atmospheric effects, and texture mapping. Open Inventor is an object-oriented 3D toolkit built on OpenGL that provides a 3D scene database, a built-in event model for user interaction, and the ability to print objects and exchange data with other graphics formats. The OpenGL Technical Library provides tutorial and reference books for OpenGL and Open Inventor. The library enables programmers to gain a practical understanding of these important software standards and shows how to unlock their full potential

In : Scene Graph-Based Computer Graphics 

Tags: opengl "open inventor" "object-oriented 3d" "silicon graphics" 
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