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(Week 3) - Tuesday August, 3

Posted by Marwan Abd Ellah on Tuesday, August 3, 2010
  • Reading chapter 4 (Richardson) to et more acquainted with the MPEG & H.264 history, standards and conventions.
  • We have discovered that we can‘t use the ORCC plugins since there were some modifications for the ORCC CAL that have not implemented yet such as importing some java written functionality and also to to read and write to a binary file, etc....
  • According to this, we have taken a decision to use the source packages of the ORCC instead of the plugin and then we can modify the files (writing java codes) to append the needed functionality to the main actors we need. For example we can use an empty actor that represents the display for the final results as an interface for just compilation and then we can write our implementation and use it during the run time to replace the empty actors. 
  • Tomorrow INSHAA ALLAH, we will need to uninstall the ORCC plugin and install the source.
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