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(Week 2) - Monday July, 26

Posted by Marwan Abd Ellah on Tuesday, July 27, 2010
  • Downloading some materials for the CAL Actor Language
  • Downloaded materials (presentations, PDFs, ...) are uploaded to Materials section on this website.
  • Skimming the presentations quickly to grasp the main idea of CAL.
  • Detailed reading for the CAL Language Report 0.1 (chapters 1-3).     
  • Detailed reading for the document sent by Dr. Ihab (Tokens ! What Tokens !) (Chapters 1-3) 
  • My Plan tomorrow is to finish this document and start implementing the samples inside it after a quick meeting with Ghislain to ensure a correct installation of the environment. 
  • Rank : 9.0 
  • Chaotic Factor : 1.7 


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